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As a teacher and performer I have noticed that when we take long breaks from lessons and practicing, there is an inevitable slump in the rate of progress. When we are on summer break and have travel plans, it is very often hard to muster the motivation to regularly practice. And then the beginning of the new semester hits with orchestra auditions and lessons. So, let’s get ahead of fall panic practicing and be ready for those auditions in the fall!



In light of social distancing measures and the fact that so many of you usually have summer plans that conflict with a traditional summer music camp, I am offering the first summer music camp designed, from the bottom up, to be completely online.

At the end of this course, you will

  • Have a a better understanding of practical music theory and history

  • Be tooled to attack technique with a variety methodical approaches

  • Be prepared for the scale portion of orchestra auditions in the fall

  • Gain new communication skills to interact with your musical peers

  • Have explored and mastered your repertoire 


What are the advantages of my online violin camp:

  • You can participate from anywhere in the world, whether you have travel plans or cannot travel!

  • Not entirely comfortable in English? No problem, we can do bilingual private lessons in German or French

  • You will learn the practical application of music theory and history and how it relates to string playing

  • The group classes will be tailored to your interests and needs

  • Due to the small camp size, you will receive highly-individualized attention


Start Date: June 29                                     Duration: 4 weeks



About Dr. Charlene Kluegel:

I live in Chicago and teach beginners to College-level students at the Music Institute of Chicago and in my private studio. I am a regular judge in string competitions and have extensive College-level teaching experience through giving masterclasses, as long-time faculty at music festivals, and as the studio assistant to Pamela Frank. The career advancement of students is an important part of my work and so I have given educational residencies (among others) at Northwestern University, the University of Texas-Austin, Roosevelt University, and theEastman School of Music. Some of the students I have mentored and taught have gone on to Juilliard and the University of Pennsylvania and win the Concert Artist Guild Competition. 



I received pedagogical training from Mimi Zweig and hold a Doctor 

of Music with minors in Early Music and Music History from Indiana

University, a Masters and Performance Diploma from the Peabody

Institute, and a Bachelor cum laude from Cornell University.

My pedgogical work has recently been recognized with my

appointments to the Editorial Board of the American String Teacher

Journal as well as Chair of the Illinois ASTA Concerto Competition.


In this 4-week course you will receive:
  • one-time 30-minute individual goal-setting meeting
  • Weekly 1-hr private violin lessons (4 hours total)
  • Weekly 2-hr Studio Class (8 hours total)
  • Weekly 1-hr Technique Class (4 hours total)
  • Weekly 90 min Music Theory/History Class designed for Violinists and Violists (6 hours total)
Total of 22.5 hours of instruction time in 4 weeks


My daughter is incredibly fortunate to be able to study violin with Charlene Kluegel. (And secretly, being a violin player myself, I feel pretty lucky to be able to sit in on the lessons and soak in the wealth of knowledge each lesson brings.) We feel like we have won the violin-teacher lottery! My daughter made the switch to studying with Charlene when she was ready for a step-up in instruction, at the junior-high level. The progress she has made over the past two years under Charlene’s tutelage has been tremendous. Charlene’s pedagogical style is extremely effective: she communicates clearly and with a great deal of empathy for any challenges that new material might present; she delivers the perfect blend of technique instruction and focus on musicality; she assigns diverse and rich repertoire that challenges the student to keep advancing; and she offers ample advice on everything from overcoming performance anxiety to discovering unique outside (ensemble, music theory, etc.) opportunities and resources for supplementing the violin studies. Finally, with the recent need to move to virtual lessons due to the pandemic, we have found yet another reason to love Charlene: she has had previous experience with video instruction and is highly effective when teaching via Zoom. The result has been a seamless transition to video lessons for my daughter at an otherwise challenging time. We are so grateful to have found Charlene. 

- Maja Kos

Charlene Kluegel has been one of my favorite teachers to this day. She will always push you to learn new skills that at the time may seem too difficult. Her focused teaching, however, means you pick up new techniques quickly. No matter at what level you are currently, she will always help you improve.  

- Bart 

How does this work? How do group classes work?​ What is Music Theory for violinists/violists?

  • You will receive three questionnaires to fill out before the start of the camp:

    • schedule availability, 

    • level and interest in technique issues (i.e. scale work to prepare for school auditions, shifting, vibrato, spiccato, etc)

    • knowledge of music theory and history topics 

  • From this information:

    • We will schedule weekly 1-hr individual lessons to work on repertoire you really want to master. 

    • We will schedule weekly studio class, technique class, and theory/history class. Have to miss a technique or theory class? No problem, I will be recording them so you can review them later again!

    • Based on your answers to the questionnaires, I will design unique curriculum that suits the needs of every cohort of students. 

    • We will have interactive sessions on technique and theory/history that are designed for you, with recommended listening lists and exercises that I will correct

  • Music theory (the study of how notes relate to each other) is often taught from the piano where all notes are laid out in a linear fashion. String players often though have to cross strings or shift in order to make those same intervals and chords happen. I will be teaching how the feeling and position of the hand relates in real terms to the music theory concepts we are learning so that you can master difficult technical spots quicker in the future.

  • Want to know how I think of music history and how I like to talk about it? Here is one way: through my blog The Musical Palate

  • Studio class is a time for students to perform any portion of music they wish for their peers. It is also an opportunity for every student to learn to become a constructive and positive communicator. Every student is is encouraged to find a constructive and positive piece of feedback for the performer to take with them. This not only encourages active listening but thoughtful engagement with others. 

You will walk away with: a course package designed for you with

  • music theory and history concepts 

  • tools to attack technique concerns

  • new friends near and far

  • new communication skills

  • in-depth mastered repertoire



Mrs. Kluegel has been teaching me violin for over 3 years. Her teaching made me the best player at school. I learn so many things from her teaching. Mrs. Kluegel makes practicing so fun! She is a very patient teacher.

- Maya (age 11)


Technological requirements:

  • reliable internet connection

  • a device with speakers and a (built-in) microphone

  • your violin, of course

Recommended age and playing level:

  • 12 years +

  • minimum end of Suzuki Book 4 or equivalent 


Maximum enrollment: 12

Start Date: June 29                                     Duration: 4 weeks

Tuition: $1000 (with all materials supplied for the group classes), including $25 registration fee to guarantee your spot

Don’t worry, there is also an installment plan: 4 easy payments of $255 (includes a 2% service charge).



Questions? Want to talk about if this is the right fit for you or your child? Send me a message here

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