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Dr. Kluegel lives in the Chicago-area and teaches students from beginners to College-level students. She is known for her ability to teach in a bilingual setting , her compassionate, result-oriented pedagogy, and for her work with online teaching platforms.

A dedicated pedagogue and researcher, Dr. Kluegel serves on the Editorial Board of the American String Teacher Journal as well as Chair of the Illinois ASTA Concerto Competition.

Teaching specialties:

  • Bilingual learning (any combination of English, German, and French)

  • Excerpt preparation for auditions - Dr. Kluegel has pioneered the research field of performance practice excerpt preparation

  • Advanced Right Hand techniques - specialized short cuts and proven results

  • Beginners: Individualized set up depending on physique

  • Discovering and developing your unique artistic voice

  • Specialized Music History and Theory sequencing for upper string players





"My daughter is incredibly fortunate to be able to study violin with Charlene Kluegel. (And secretly, being a violin player myself, I feel pretty lucky to be able to sit in on the lessons and soak in the wealth of knowledge each lesson brings.) We feel like we have won the violin-teacher lottery! My daughter made the switch to studying with Charlene when she was ready for a step-up in instruction, at the junior-high level. The progress she has made over the past two years under Charlene’s tutelage has been tremendous. Charlene’s pedagogical style is extremely effective: she communicates clearly and with a great deal of empathy for any challenges that new material might present; she delivers the perfect blend of technique instruction and focus on musicality; she assigns diverse and rich repertoire that challenges the student to keep advancing; and she offers ample advice on everything from overcoming performance anxiety to discovering unique outside (ensemble, music theory, etc.) opportunities and resources for supplementing the violin studies. Finally, with the recent need to move to virtual lessons due to the pandemic, we have found yet another reason to love Charlene: she has had previous experience with video instruction and is highly effective when teaching via Zoom. The result has been a seamless transition to video lessons for my daughter at an otherwise challenging time. We are so grateful to have found Charlene."

– Maja Kos

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