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The food blog for the musically and historically inclined... but mostly food

Did you ever sit in music history class wondering what famous composers and musicians liked to eat? Certainly it is important to know how they contributed to the world at large but they were also people. And like all people, they ate food.

I am a self-identifying lover of all the foods and music and history. My mission is to give you a glimpse into the composers as living, breathing human being. As I go through the letters, diaries, and accounts of these icons of classical music, I will be perusing old cookbooks for authentic recipes and bringing them into the modern day. Because our world is currently experiencing rampant food hoarding and empty supermarket shelves, I will not be recreating them for Insta-worthy pictures. Though when access to food and supplies has been stabilized again in the future, there will be pictures!

In the meantime, happy cooking and stay healthy!

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